Band Camp 1 Instructors

13 – 18 age group

Helge Wahl Flatland – Piano/keyboard

Musician, composer, arranger and high school music instructor. Works with Norwegian artists such as Jan Toft, Kjetil Flatland and Knut Buen. Participated at NBF’s band seminar in the years 1990-91.

Frode Hammersland – Bass

Musician, university music instructor in Norway where he teaches bass, guitar, composition, arrangement, studio activities, cooperative techniques.

Henrik Maarud – Drums

Musician, producer and studio technician, known for various band projects, such as The Grand, Amund Maarud, Bendik Brænne and Morudes. Many of his musical projects include brother and bluesartist Amund Maarud. College teacher at the Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology.


Bjørn Charles Dreyer – Guitar

Producer and composer worked with many top level Norwegian artists that include Mari Boine, Silje Nergaard, Anne Grete Preus, Anneli Drecker and Ketil Bjørnstad.


Knut Starheim – Trombone

Responsibility for horns, brass instruments. Many years association with the Band Camp and work with diverse Norwegian artists.

Audun Haukvik – Administrator, Vocal, Choir

Many years experience as an artist with roots in blues, rock and soul music. Music teacher at Buskerud Folkehøgskole.

Erik Norheim – Guitar

Musician and instructor. Guitarist in his band, Hardhaus, in addition to have worked with Norwegian artists such as Alexander Rybak, Christian Ingebrigtsen, Gaute Ormåsen and Marian Aas Hansen. Has been a participant at NBF’s band seminar five consecutive years.

Åste Hunnes Sem – Vocal, Choir

Has been doing lead vocal, choir and song instructions for the last 20 years, many times together with top level Norwegians artists including Noora Noor, Mira Craig, Big Bang, Silje Nergaard, Warlocks, and especially focusing on styles such as gospel, jazz, soul og spirituals. Has earlier been a participant at NBF’s band seminar.