Q: What is the goal of Little Steven’s Blues School?

The goal is to provide top young talents the opportunity to enjoy musical, educational and cultural growth throughout their youth, positioning themselves for music careers on the national or international level.

Q: I have taken part earlier in the Band Camp at the Notodden Blues Festival. Should I apply to be a part of Little Steven’s Blues School?

Of course, the school has its local roots in the annual Notodden Blues Festival Band Camp established in 1989 for youth between 13 – 18 years old. Now, in addition, top rhythmic music talents from the ages of 19 – 26 will also have the chance to participate. Participation in the Little Steven’s Blues School would be a great way to continue your “music career” at Notodden!

Q: Will instruction be in English or Norwegian?

As we will have both Norwegian and international participants and instructors the answer is both, depending upon the situation.

Q: The cost of 3,000 NOK (13-28 year olds) and 4,000 NOK (19-26 year olds) for one week is low. Why so inexpensive?

Steven Van Zandt has said, “Norway has more talent than anywhere I have ever been” – and we want to inclusive to all who wish to apply. We want talent to be the deciding factor for participation – and not your economic situation.

Q: When do I pay my school fee?

You do not have to pay until you hear back from us on May 30th, but please note that by submitting your application you are legally bound to pay if you are chosen as a participant. You may then pay by credit card or bank transfer. We will provide this and other relevant and practical information to you once we receive your application.

Q: Is my school fee refundable in case I am sick or cannot come for some reason?

No. Once the jury has selected you, we have reserved your space and your space will always be there for you. Check your insurance, it may be covered under your travel or home insurance programs.

Q: Where can I find the status of my application?

Once you have submitted your application, please be patient. Our jury will be using the first weeks of May to go through the submissions, taking the necessary time on each one – including yours. You will be notified by email by May 30th regarding the decision.

Q: What can you tell me about Notodden, Norway?

Notodden is located in Telemark County, and is known as the center of the blues in Norway, host to Europe’s largest blues festival, the Notodden Blues Festival. Held each year since 1988, the festival has attracted up to 40,000 visitors to this picturesque town. Notodden is also the home of the European Blues Center, where both the Notodden Blueseum (Europe’s only Blues Museum) as well as the Juke Joint Studio (with gear originally from the Stax Studio in Memphis) are located.

Q: How do I get to Notodden?

Planes, Trains or Automobile. Notodden is just 90 minutes outside of the Norwegian capital city of Oslo, accessible by car, bus or train.

Q: Can you tell me more about my week here?

The six day school will be staged in the Cultural Center Bok & Blueshuset (session 2) and at Heddal Ungdomsskole (session 1) in Notodden with access to facilities that include a full-fledged analog studio (the Juke Joint), music and PA equipment, rehearsal spaces, classrooms, blues library, movie theatre, and more. Accommodation for students will be located at a nearby school.

During the week-long Blues School, the young talents will be led through a “miniature music career” by expert music instructors by use of individual instruction, band instruction, emphasis of music techniques, preparation and staging of concerts, education regarding the music industry, and elements of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation/ teaching methods.

Participating talents will meet new music friends, create music and create a band, to perform as they put their talents into practice and at the end of the week performing at the Notodden Blues Festival.

Q: Who will I meet at Little Steven’s Blues School?

You could meet anyone, at anytime, during your stay here in Notodden. You will meet top talents and instructors from Norway and beyond, as you work in dynamic and creative situations including recording in the famous Juke Joint Studio and performing at the Notodden Blues Festival.